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Ice Prevention

Ray Chem heated Gutters and Heated Gutter Guard systems:

In a lot of cases some areas of a house usually where there is no ventilation or heat loss it is nearly impossible to avoid ice problems. Over the years we came up with the perfect formula for ice prevention in areas that have these problems. Most low voltage cheaper heat wires we used years back and the same common heat wires still used in the market today tend to not last long and only work for a very limited amount of time and don’t seem to work on big problem areas. When Ray Chem heat wires came out a few years back it changed our outlook on impossible areas to get rid of Ice. Not only did the Ray Chem Heat wires take care of the biggest ice problem areas they also have lasted and still work and have lasted thru the worst of ohio’s winters on every job to date. Ray Chem heat cables can be used in all residential and commercial Gutters and Downspouts as well as our Ray Chem maintenance free Heated Gutter Guards systems.